Check Out These Newly Optimized Apps For iOS 8

Photo apps for iOS 8

There has been a flood of apps doing the new conversion, and if you are wondering, what does that mean? Well, it means that a bundle of your favorite photo apps are now compatible with iOS 8. And that means apps like the popular: Camera Plus, Camera360 Ultimate, Fragment, Halftone 2, iMovie, Litely, Lumiè, Snapchat, PIX2, POMELO , and Scanner Pro are now compatible, and optimized for the all new iOS 8.
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iPhone 6 And 6 Plus A8 Processor Chip Specs

apple-a8 chip

The all new iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus use the A8 processor chip. While the iPhone 5S had used a 28-nano-meter processor, the iPhone 6, and the 6 Plus have a 20-nano-meter processor, which has been widely rumored. It is said that the 20-nano-meter process technology can result in speeds that are speculated much higher than its 28-nano-meter chips.
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Photo Test of The New iPhone 6 Plus Camera

iPhone 6 Plus camera

The bigger iPhone 6 Plus was taken out to do some sight-seeing, and caught quite a bit with it’s new lenses. As for the optical image stabilization on the iPhone 6 Plus, which is commonly found on DSLRs, and the software image stabilization on the iPhone 6, these features now help to reduce any type of shakiness, and blurring when shooting video, or capturing photos.
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Unveiled iPhone 6 Plus Shows 1GB of Ram

iPhone 6 dismemberd

There has been some new images, and videos of the all new iPhone 6 Plus, which gets disassemble, and shows all of the new phone’s inner-parts. Thanks, and courtesy to the site iFixit, which shows us a complete tear-down of both the new upcoming iPhones, which are the: iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, helps fans and buyers to know a little bit more about the phone.
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Teevee 3 Evolves With iOS 8, And is Now Free

Teevee 3


The app Teevee 3 gets some new evolution, as it climbs up with the all new iOS 8. The app can now show you nearly everything about your favorite TV Shows, with much ease. You can simply choose a lot of these things from several lists, like the trending list of shows, or you can search for the show you like. Then you will have a total overview of the shows you like to watch, which has a huge database, that contains more than 30,000 TV Shows.

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Here’s How to Make iOS 8 Easier to Use


Fleksy Happy Typing is now available for iOS 8, and also allows for some new things, and features with its very own unique virtual typing keyboards. And now Fleksy is claiming to  one of  the fastest virtual keyboards in the world. One of the first third party keyboards for iOS 8, Fleksy brings new kinds of typing speeds, customization, and new features to iPhone, and iPad typing.
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iOS 8 is Now Available

iPhone 6 iOS 8


Apple has released iOS 8, the latest  and so called greatest version of their mobile, or iPhone-Operating-System. which is now open to the public on Wednesday. After months of testing by developers, it is now here, and if you have bought your iOS device, like in the last two to three years, then it is probably compatible with iOS 8. Devices compatible with iOS 8 are listede in the following: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and of course the iPhone 6 Plus, and the iPad 2, iPad 3 generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad mini with Retina display, and for the iPod touch 5th generation.

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