What’s Inside The Cube is Revealed


Peter Molyneux’s experiment game app Curiosity: What’s inside the cube? has ended leaving one man with the prize at the center. Released last year on November 6th Curiosity is a game that has enraptured millions. Ostensibly a multiplayer social experiment in the guise of a game, players would tape on little cubes that make up the outer shell to remove them and once all those cubes were gone, the game would descend to the next layer. Over the last 7 months players dove through the 326 layers, removing over 3.6 billion cublets.

On May 26th the last cublet was removed and the player who removed it got the prize in the center. Bryan Henderson of Edinburgh, Scotland was the winner. What did he win? He has the opportunity, in designer Peter Molyneux’s words to become a god in their next game by setting down the rules of the world and getting a slice of all revenues that games makes.

You can watch the video shown to Bryan, who graciously allowed the world to see, below.