Sound Pockets Freedom Case Keeps Your Earbuds And iPhone Safe

Sound Pocket iPhone case

A new case allows you to store your earbuds and protect your iPhone. How cool is that? The new product line is available for the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4/4S and the iPod Touch.

The case makes it easy and convenient to keep your earbuds with you, or rather, with your iPhone without having to rely on tucking them into your shirt, pants, pockets or purse. You can easily whip out the earbuds from the case and listen to music on your iPhone 4, 4S or 5 without having to fumble around to get find them.

The earbuds case is available for each of the newer lines of iPhone smartphones, with the iPod Touch version available for $35, the iPhone 4/4S version available for $35 as well, and the iPhone 5 version available for $40.