Sesto Case Announced For iPhone 5

Sesto Case iPhone 5

The new Sesto Case for Apple’s iPhone 5 aims to bring a sleek and stylish new case design to the frontier of smartphone protection.

The cool design and aluminum material was carefully crafted to accentuated the already aesthetic and technical design choices of the iPhone 5, with chief mechanical designer at Casemachine saying…

“We understand how fragile the antennas on the new iPhone 5 are to materials such as aluminum – this is why we marked key spots which do not really impact signal reception even if they are covered by aluminum or perhaps carbon fiber. The Sesto is a success, and a message to all those who thought that innovation can’t enhance the overall user experience.”

The case looks pretty cool and has a TPU liner on the inside of the backplate to help ensure that the case sits perfectly with the iPhone’s aerodynamically designed body.

Casemachine’s Sesto Case comes in a variety of colors and is available from the official Casemachine website.