iPhone Owners Are More Loyal Than Android Users

Retrevo iPhone, Android

New consumer market data has been released from Retrevo to pinpoint who is loyal to what brand, and unsurprisingly iPhone users will stick with the iPhone brand. Android users aren’t quite as brand loyal.

In a brief report by CNET, the stats kind of speak for themselves, with more than 81 percent of iPhone users saying they plan to buy another iPhone, as opposed to 63 percent of Android users who say that they will stick with the brand. Ouch.

Interestingly enough, 12 percent of Android users say they will be likely to switch to the iPhone for their next smartphone purchase. 23 percent of Android users seem to be undecided about their next smartphone purchase, noting that it could go either way. That surely must not sit well with Samsung executives knowing that they have inspired such tepid brand loyalty amongst their consumers…but those are the numbers folks.