Kubxlab Unveils Wooden iPhone 5 Case

Kubxlab iPhone 5 Cases

A sexy new iPhone 5 case has launched from Kubxlab that embraces the traditional wooden look for the iPhone 5 and the best part about it is that the case design weighs the same as a nickel.

Cult of Mac managed to get their hands on some new info for the almost light-as-a-feather wooden cases from Kubxlab.

Weighing only 5 grams, the Kubxlab cases come in light, dark and brown wood designs, giving customers and smartphone case aficionados a nice little selection to choose from. The cases are thin enough that they won’t strip away any of the aesthetic from the iPhone 5 and it’s thin enough not to add any bulk to the smartphone.

You can learn more about the Kubxlab wooden cases by paying a visit to their official website.