Low-Cost iPhone Could Cost $350 – $400

iPhone 5S

Curious how much the new iPhone from Apple could cost? Well, if you were thinking around the $150 through $200 range without subsidies, you are way off.

According to Mac Rumors, they’ve gathered quotes from a number of sources related to the production company for Apple’s upcoming next-gen iPhone, Pegatron, and they are stating that the device is likely to be made available between $350 and $400 without subsidies.

Supposedly, this new lower-tier iPhone will be made available separate from the iPhone 5S, which is being produced by Apple’s favorite manufacturing company Foxconn. There’s no telling, however, whether or not the low cost iPhone really is separate from the iPhone 5S or if Apple will find a way to condense their marketing load and strip the iPhone 5S down to being the lower-tier smartphone.