iCracked Repairs Cracked iPhone Screens

Cracked iPhone

Dropped your iPhone by mistake? Cracked the screen while trying to fumble around with one thing or another? Well don’t worry, a new service called iCracked will repair your iPhone for you.

As reported by the Huffington Post, the iCracked service was started by a 25-year-old A.J. Forsythe, where iPhone screen technicians make house calls to repair the iPhone screen.

The iCrack service extends to 11 countries and currently employs more than 340 iTechs to help sort out the screen problems.

So what about places where the iTechs aren’t located? Well in that case you can send in your iPhone and they’ll repair it at their headquarters and send the phone back out to you that very same day. Speedy and efficient.

Forsythe stated that…

“We’re an on-demand group of individuals that no matter where you are, you can press a button and we’ll dispatch a group of iTechs to you in real-time,”

Repairs for the iPhone 5 screen will run you between $180 and $220, where-as older iPhone model screen repairs will cost you about $70 through $99.

The company is expected to make $10 million this year, coming off a $2 million dollar success in 2012.