Foxconn Developing iWatch For iPhone?


The next generation of the iPhone could be in the form of a watch. New reports indicate that Foxconn is developing an iWatch companion device for Apple’s iPhone.

According to The Next Web, Foxconn is eying the possibilities that extend beyond the basics of manufacturing Apple devices. Leaks from China Times indicates that a companion watch that wirelessly communicates with the iPhone could be in the works.

As noted in TNW’s article…

he watch is able to measure a wearer’s vital signs such as respiration and heartbeat, and if the results are not within an optimal range, the watch will automatically provide suggestions on how to make improvements. The device also allows users to check phone calls and Facebook posts.

This could be extremely useful for people who don’t want to risk checking their phone for stuff while driving or while trapped in a meeting but they need to get vital info from e-mail, Facebook or LinkedIn comrades.