Apple Selling USA-Themed iPhone Cases For Independence Day

iPhone case

On the 4th of July Americans will celebrate Independence Day and Apple plans to help make a few bucks off that celebration with their USA-themed, all-American iPhone cases.

According to 9to5 Mac Apple will doling out some apple-pie-eating, cowboy-boot-wearing, gun-toting iPhone cases to celebrate American culture. I wonder if they’ll have a case to celebrate all of America’s soaring crime rates and gun violence, too?

Anyway, the specially themed cases will be made available on the week of the fourth of July, which is conveniently next week. You can grab a case by paying a visit to participating Apple stores across the nation, who will be providing the cases to the public.

  • Law-abiding citizen

    “I wonder if they’ll have a case to celebrate all of America’s soaring crime rates and gun violence, too?”

    Please, spare me… another bleeding-heart liberal who doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about, doesn’t given a rat’s ass about the truth, and continues to spread the lies. Keep drinking the Kool-aid, my friend. If you don’t like it here, leave.

  • Dapper

    Hey Law,
    Agree whole hearted, don’t know where these remarks come from. This is supposed to make the case for free speech??? I have a hard time understanding stupidity.


    Oh look, a couple loony Christians that drink the kool-aid of the godly gun toters. To deny what was written there is to admit your own ignorance about reality. Do us all a favor and sterilize yourselves.

    • Law-abiding citizen

      Hey, Murica… are you done stereotyping? First off, I’m not a Christian. Second, ignore what reality? That Chicago, with perhaps the strictest gun laws around pretty much leads the nation in gun violence and homicides. 47 shot and nine dead over Father’s Day weekend this year, 53 and nine last year. If liberals would look at actual crime statistics (here’s a hint, both the FBI and DOJ have studies and published reports), then you’ll see that as gun ownership has increased over the last 20 years, our violent crime has been cut almost in half. But no, all people see are the rare tragedies (here’s another hint, look at the incidence and prevalence of school shootings since the Federal Gun Free School Zone Act was enacted in 1995) and then use those unfortunate souls as poster children (literally) to push their government control agenda. When someone else has a legal right and the ability to protect me and mine (I’m tired of giving hints, but here’s another one… the police do not have a legal obligation to protect you… go ahead, look up the SCOTUS ruling), then the gun will go back on the shelf. Until then, on my hip it stays.