iPhone 5S Coming September 20th?

iPhone 5S

Uh oh, here it is folks. New details leak that indicate that the iPhone 5S from the Cupertino, California-based electronics giant could arrive on doorsteps of retailers nationwide beginning September 20th.

According to PC Mag, International Business Times and several other blogs and rumor mills, the next generation of smartphone domination from the fruit-named company of capitalistic cravings, could begin as soon as the end of September… September 20th, to be more exact.

As noted in PC Mag…

According to Smith, Apple’s going to launch the iPhone 5s on September 20. It’ll likely announce said speedier device at an event right around September 10. The low-cost iPhone – be it the iPhone 6, the iPhone Light, or the iPhone Lil’ (our suggestion) — would have to wait a week or two before its official launch, likely on September 27 or October 4.

Sounds like corporate cannibalism if they plan on launching the iPhone 5S so soon and so close to a new iPhone device, but it’s not unlikely given that Apple has done it before with the launch of the iPhone 5 and shortly thereafter releasing the iPad Mini just a few months later.

The only thing we need to pinpoint now is a price. Many people are suspecting that the iPhone 5S will be the cheaper handset offered from Apple for the lower and middle-tier electronics aficionados, while some others argue that the iPhone 6 will be the cheaper of the two. I guess we’ll find out as September draws near.