iPhone 5 Estimated to Have Sold 2x Faster Than Galaxy S4


A report says, that during each handsets launch window, the iPhone 5 sold twice a quickly as the GalaxyS4 did. Friday, Brian Marshall from the ISI Group released a report that determined Apple took around 25 days to hit the 20 million units sold mark. Samsung took about 2 months following the launch of their Galaxy S4 to sell the same amount.

He looked to official opening weekend numbers and quarterly earnings report to determine his estimates. They suggest that over the first 15 days, Apple shipped 803,000 iPhone 5s a day, while Samsung shipped about 333,000 Galaxy S4s a day.Last fall Apple reported that they sold 5 million iPhone 5s on the opening weekend alone.

This week Samsung announced that the Galaxy S4 has reached 20 million units shipped at the end of June. It would make it Samsung’s most popular device to date. It is also its fastest selling hitting 10 million unites in a few weeks, whereas the Galaxy S III took 50 days to do the same.

The demand for both devices has waned recently and their market price is reflecting it. Samsung’s market capitalization fell by $12.4 billion along with J.P. Morgan claiming third-quarter sales would disappoint investors. Apple, meanwhile, has had their stock price slip over reports of loosening demand for the iPhone 5. Though anticipation has begun to build for the iPhone 5S.