EA Makes More Money Through App Store Than Own Origin Service

EA App Store

Major video game publisher EA revealed this week that it makes more money from the iOS App Store than any retail distributor including it’s own digital download service Origin. EA Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore revealed that Apple was EA’s biggest retail partner with regards to sales in their June quarter. This is the first time this has been true. It is attributed to the success of The Simpsons: tapped Out, real Racing 3 and The Sims Freeplay.

In total, EA made $90 million from their smartphone and tablet games. The company didn’t break down how much came for the App Store verses Google Play on Android or other mobile services, so we don’t have specifics. However, their Origin service is wholly owned and operated by the company and doesn’t have to share the revenue from their games with another company like Apple. And still they were outdone by the mobile market.

Apple saw its revenue from iTunes surge by 25% in the June quarter. Total revenue reached $3.9 billion after a record high in the previous quarter of  $4.1 billion.