AT&T Activates 3.7 Million iPhones in Q2


Tuesday, AT&T, the second largest carrier in the U.S., posted its earnings for the second quarter where they sold 6.8 million smartphones, more than half were iPhones. AT&T activated at least 3.7 million iPhones in the second quarter, though the exact number isn’t known because executives declined to get specific. It’s strange, because the carrier has offered such data in the past.

They did reveal that iPhone activations grew year over year and that iPhone sales reached 3.7 million in the same quarter last year.

AT&T also noted that the previous three-month period also saw a record number of Android handsets sold. Smartphones as a whole accounted for 88% of postpaid phone sales for the quarter. The company added 551,000 postpaid customers, their best since 2008. 35% of those were LTE enabled devices.

  • Kiera Nightly

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