iPhone Electrocutions Prompt Apple to Release Instructional Video

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Following three electrocutions that happened involving iPhones and chargers, Apple has released a new instructional video to help people with distinguishing between a legit iPhone charger and a fake one.

The fake iPhone chargers resulted in one woman being electrocuted to death while a man was electrocuted and put into a coma from which he has not waken up from. A third woman was shocked and hospitalized.

Apple has been investigating these cases and decided to get preemptive and proactive with their approach to any future electrocutions by releasing a public instructional video, as noted on the Huffington Post.

If the fear of being electrocuted has caused you to feel as if you can’t trust your iPhone or the charger anymore, be sure to at least check out the latest instructional video from Apple so you’ll know how to protect yourself and keep your body safe.