iPhone 5C Cases Now Available For Pre-Order

iPhone 5C Case

Ahead of the official launch – or even the official announcement – of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5C, some companies have gone on ahead and opened up pre-orders for iPhone 5C cases.

According to Trusted Reviews, a website going by the name of Mobile Fun has already posted up pre-order options for a new iPhone 5C case. Can you believe that?

One of the descriptions for the lightweight case reads…

“With the Zero 3 less really is more, this case is lightweight and almost invisible. Measuring only 0.3mm in thickness and only weighing 3g, the unique Zero 3 case is the barely there case for your iPhone 5C. This ensures that the iconic Apple aesthetic is complemented, and the added bulk is not noticed when the phone is in your pocket.

“Designed specifically for iPhone 5C, you can be sure that the Zero 3 case will provide a perfect fit. The case features cutouts for all the ports, buttons and camera, so you can access the full functionality of your device while it is in the case.”

If you still can’t get over how iPhone 5C cases are being sold so far ahead of the actual announcement for the iPhone 5C, don’t worry… you’re not alone.

If you’re completely head-over-heels for the unannounced iPhone 5C and can’t wait to get your hands on Apple’s yet-to-be-announced smartphone, you can grab a case for non-existent phone right now from Mobile Fun.

  • Franko

    I’m preordering case for iphone 88.

    • http://www.gamingblend.com/ William Usher

      88? Why stop there… I hear analysts think iPhone 101SC will be huge!