Gold iPhone 5S Compared to Silver iPhone 5

iPhone 5S

So you want to know how the new gold iPhone 5S stacks up to the current iPhone 5 models on the market? Well, new photos compare the two in a head-to-head showdown.

Apple Insider managed to get their hands on the new photos courtesy of Moumatai. The photos compare the color grade and quality of the new iPhone 5S to the standard iPhone 5 model that comes in black and silver.

You can clearly see that the new iPhone 5S looks like the sort of sexy, high-quality handset that only the Cupertino, California company could conjure up and that it’s every inner-city robber’s wet dream. The quality of the gold iPhone 5S is impeccable and assuming this is how it will look on retail shelves, it’s no surprise that the device will be a hot item when it launches this September.