Titshare App Lets You See People Who Stare at Cleavage

Titshare app

A new app was unveiled at TechCrunch’s Disrupt Technology conference, and the name of the app is Titshare, it allows people to look at other people staring at cleavage.

According to a detailed article by CNN, the new app was designed by two Australian entrepreneurs who introduced the app on stage in front of other businessmen and enlightened tech minds the world around.

The app received plenty of cheers and lots of praise for its ability to quickly and easily find other people who were photographed staring at breasts. The app should also make it convenient for like-minded cleavage aficionados to find and share other cleavage-staring photos with friends and family.

Details on whether or not you can refine the search to find young or old men staring at cleavage or the size of the cleavage was not revealed. However, with enough sales and proper promotion, the duo designers just might add more features and search functionality to the app.

Titshare is planned to arrive for the iOS and it’s already garnered plenty of positive support and feedback so far. The only negative criticism the app has received so far is that it lacked the option to choose between photos containing people staring at male or female cleavage.

The app will arrive on the iTunes app store soon.