Samsung ‘Not Guilty’ of Violating Apple Patent, Says Tokyo Court

After a loss in an American court over design and trade dress Samsung has been in somewhat of hot water versus Apple. Fortunately for Samsung, they were able to win a patent case elsewhere in the world – in a Tokyo court.

The patent that Samsung was awarded a victory wasn’t quite the same as the ones that we are familiar with from their legal battle in the United States – it covers syncing music and videos to phones and tablets – but it is an important patent to the two companies none the less.

Along with Apple’s loss in the case, the judge ruled that they would be required to pay all lawyer fees and costs related to the lawsuit filed late last year. Clearly the judge saw no reason for Apple to believe that Samsung copied any of Apple’s patents in this case.

Samsung’s victory in Tokyo may be sweet, but we aren’t sure that it will be enough to face the burden of a $1 billion payout to Apple and the potential banning of 8 of its devices after its loss in American courts last week.

  • AriesWarlock

    Man, when I saw this infographic I learned why patents truly hinder innovation

  • CodeEngine

    Stupid patents that should not have been granted in the first place hinder innovation. Real innovation should be patented.