Apple: World’s Most Valuable Brand

Interbrand 2013

According to a report, Apple has taking the top spot in the annual “Best Global Brands” study for 2013.

Interbrand, a brand consulting firm from New York, releases this report every year and estimated that Apple has the best valuation for 2013. The company hit $98.3 billion, taking the top spot from 13-year contender Coca-Cola, the first time in the history of the report.

Last year Apple was in second place after more than doubling their brand’s value from 2011. In 2013, Apple gained another 28% and was once again named “Top Riser.” Interbrand cites a number of considerations that contributed to Apple’s ascension. A strong presence in retail, explosive iOS device sales and future prospects in their products. Right behind them is fellow tech giant Google and Coca-Cola fell to 3rd place.