iPhone 6 Release Date Coming in 2014?

iPhone 6 concept 3

The iPhone 6 is a device continually and constantly under the scrutiny of the public and media’s eye. The latest bit of news centers around the possible announcement date for the release of the iPhone 6, as well as some of its features.

IB Times rolled out a few details on the iPhone 6, including that Apple is considering going with either a curved 4.7 or curved 5.7 inch screen, where the corners round off the edges.

Apple will also use lighter materials with sapphire screens to offer better protection. IB Times, however, believes that Apple will forgo the cured screens and larger display, and will instead opt for more power with a faster processor and sleeker design. They also estimate that Apple will make the announcement in June of 2014, in time for a September, 2014 release.