Gold, Silver iPhone 5C Arrive in Japan

iPhone 5C

The gold iPhone 5S has proven to be one of the most popular smartphone SKUs ever released. The sales have been a massive success for Apple. In an attempt to emulate the popularity of the golden iPhone 5S, new gold and silver iPhone 5C have released in Japan.

According to Slash Gear, a Japanese shop has made it their business to customize cases for the iPhone 5C, mostly specifically adding impressive measures of gold and silver cases to their line-up.

Sadly, this custom job carried out by the local shop is not a cheap one. If you want your iPhone 5C to be as extravagant as the iPhone 5S, you’ll have to pay out a pretty penny, as noted on Slash Gear…

“Both the silver version and the gold version of the iPhone 5c will be available for around $200 – that’s not including the smartphone itself, but the casing on its own. You’ll be able to send your device in to be customized with Keitai Paradise if you wish, but if you’re actually planning on working with some hardware such as this, we’d recommend ordering in.”

It might be better to just get a real smartphone with real features by picking up an iPhone 5S, and it’ll look a lot more expensive than the made-for-those-in-poverty iPhone 5C.

  • Niels Bosch

    bit of a misleading title? The fact that you can get your iPhone 5C painted to the color you want is no surprise, you can even do it in the US or UK.. well actually, you can do it anywhere. The title makes it appear like Apple has released a Golden and Silver iPhone 5C.