iPhone 5C Outselling Galaxy S4 in India

iPhone 5C

Well, call me crazy and paint me pink, it looks like the iPhone 5C has finally proven it’s useful for something. The problem-child device of Apple has finally started selling somewhere… and that somewhere is India.

BGR is reporting that the iPhone 5C is picking up steam, as far as sales go, over in India.

One reseller over in New Delhi mentioned…

“We usually keep around 100 units for seven days,” … “But since the launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, we have to update stocks every two days. And sales increase three times over the weekend.”

It’s mentioned that the iPhone 5C has picked up so much steam – thanks to its lowered price – that it’s actually outselling Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

One reteller even went as far as to mention that…

“Surprisingly, I have no iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s left, while there are three Galaxy S4 smartphones still available,”

Hopefully Apple is enjoying the iPhone 5C sales as much as the Indian retailers.