iPhone 5S Handsets Are Now Stocked at Retailers

iPhone 5S

Apple has had a major problem with keeping the iPhone 5S stocked. Worse yet is that they’ve managed to to fail to meet demand where demand was absolutely ready to cash in on the supply. Well, that’s all changed.

According to MacRumors, iPhone 5S units are now 90% stocked at retailers. This is a huge step up from where they were just a few weeks ago, where majority of customers were on waiting lists to get their hands on the infamous golden iPhone 5S.

Piper Jaffray commented that…

Total available iPhone 5s SKUs (excluding unlocked) have increased to 90% from 31% two weeks ago, and 10% at the beginning of October. Separately, we note that the lightest stocked store we checked had 67% of available SKUs. We view the improvement in supply as an encouraging sign that Apple has begun to catch up to demand. We continue to believe that Apple will reach supply-demand equilibrium by early December.

Sadly, the SIM-free editions of the iPhone 5S still have a wait time of up to two weeks, but it’s likely that Apple will narrow down this time frame as they continue to ramp up the supply of one of their most in-demand smartphones ever released.