Despite Robbery Declines, iPhone Still Top Stolen Item

iPhone Thief

In Denver, Colorado, robberies are down. Crime is seeing a cull from the incessant wrought employed by the less savory of society. However, despite the danger of armed robbery being down in Denver, iPhones are still a hot ticket item on the list of a thief’s wants.

According to the Denver Post, robbery crimes are down by nearly 16 percent. That decline hasn’t stopped iPhones from jumping in robbery cases by 22 percent. This year alone, iPhones accounted for 73 of robbery cases, as opposed to 2011 where iPhones made up just 37 cases.

Denver police Sgt. Steve Warneke commented on the increased spike of iPhone thefts, saying…

“In general, the motivation is money, and an i-Phone is probably a secondary fruit from the tree,”

For the most part, it’s advised that those living in Denver exercise precautions with their cell phones, activating things like the “Find my Phone” app or using the Touch ID fingerprint scanner to the utmost advantage.

For anyone visiting Denver, it’s probably best advised to guard your cell phone like you would guard your daughter’s virginity if she attended a college frat party.