iPhone 6 Announcement Coming Soon

iPhone 6 concept

Things are really starting to heat up as the information relating to the iPhone 6 continues to roll in hot and heavy. The latest bit of news points to an announcement for iPhone 6 potentially coming soon.

According to Investor Place, they spotted a note from Tim Cook that could spell big news for the early part of 2014, stating…

“The Apple CEO sent a holiday letter to employees in which he notes that the iPhone-maker has “big plans that we think customers are going to love” for the coming year. A number of tech commentators have jumped on the passage, suggesting that it heralds the launch of a larger-screen iPhone in 2014, MacRumors notes.”

This follows suit behind the latest rumors that noted that the iPhone 6 will be getting an announcement in the spring of 2014. More specifically, many are pegging some sort of announcement in May.

The only thing we need now is to wait for May to roll around and see if the rumors turn out to be true.

  • Donnie Anders

    They need to do something…. I’ve been with Apple since the first release of the iphone…. I had to leave and get the (S4) … I refused to keep settling and spending money on the same phone since the 4s… plus the S4 is a better phone anyway….

  • Jakebos

    In May… Although this is possible I do not feel that it is probable. They have moved the iPhone release schedule twice in the US in the past 7 years, but never cutting the gap shorter between new models as much as the rumored May 2014 announcement would be. I feel this May announcement is more likely for another market, which May is more in line with foreign market iphone schedules. But Apple does tend to surprise sometimes.

    • MacXpert

      My guess, Apple already has prototypes in the field, and this product is well along its development path. Apple is notorious for keeping new products under wraps. The last thing they’d want is to announce a new product before the holidays. Look at what happened to Osbourne Computer back in the 80’s when they slipped they were working on a new model. People stopped buying their current model in anticipation of the new, thus destroying the company. It would be foolish to underestimate Apple. They have a knack at pulling rabbits out of their hat just when you think they’re down for the count. The new Mac Pro is a good example. It’s already back ordered until February. Microsoft wishes they had Apples problems. They can’t sell the Surface to save their lives. Windows 8/8.1 is a abject failure as well.

  • Halo9x

    I just upgraded from the 4s to the 5c. Great upgrade. I’m not sure what people are expecting from any phone but some of the comments are weird. Get real people, they are just phones. I think people’s expectations are getting downright strange.

  • Anonymous

    Why not the iPod touch 6 and why is it ios 6 not 7 on the phone