iPhone 6 Expected to be Produced Partly by Pegatron

iPhone 6

One of Apple’s go-to sources for manufacturing is Pegatron and they’re saying that there is ample opportunity for them to make good on making the iPhone 6.

Mac Rumors is reporting that Pegatron has noted that they are likely to take up the mantle and manufacture some of the iPhone 6 units soon, which is due for release sometime in late 2014.

As noted in the article…

“Rumors have suggested that Apple could produce two versions of the iPhone 6 in two different sizes ranging from 4.7 to 5.7 inches and likely at two different price points, keeping with its new two-phone lineup. “

There are two sets of rumors, one of which believes that the iPhone 6C and iPhone 6 will release this year. The other rumor is that an iPhone phablet will release sometime this spring and the iPhone 6 will release in September. Apple has been mum so far.

Mac Rumors guesstimates that Foxconn will be the likely culprit to pick up the slack and the other half of production for the iPhone 6, especially since they’re opening up a new plant Stateside to help handle some of the local demand with manufacturing products made to release in North America.