Canopy Brings Case Sensors to iPhone 5, iPhone 5S

Sensus iPhone Case

The curved screen concept for the iPhone 6 is gaining a lot of traction in most circles of consumer technology news. However, what if you didn’t need a curved screen for the newest iPhone to get the exact same effect?
Enter Canopy’s Sensus, the latest accessory for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S from a start-up company with a $4 million venture capitalist investment. The device is aimed to bring handset-wide sensor technology to the Cupertino, California company’s latest smartphones. Basically, you’ll be able to touch various parts of the case that aren’t the touchscreen and activate, modify or control various features of an app on the phone.

The case is described in detail in a great write-up by the Star Tribune. The company, Canopy, is considering a retail price of $99 and they’re hoping to get it to the market before the next generation iPhone launches. I imagine they’ll probably want to get it out before they miss their window of opportunity like what happened with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.