iPhone 6 Could Release in June 2014

iPhone 6C

Everyone wants to know when the iPhone 6 is arriving and now there’s new information indicating when that release date might be.

According to Expert Reviews, they picked up a quote from the editor in chief and analyst from MGR, Eldar Murtazin, who had this to say about the potential upcoming release window of the iPhone 6….

There is, however, a historical likelihood that seems to contradict the June release window and it’s that typically Apple likes the late summer, early fall window to dominate with the iPhone, lately.

The more common impression of the iPhone 6 is that the smartphone will arrive sometime in September. However, we won’t know for sure until Apple makes the announcement.

  • http://sciencedem.blogspot.com editor

    well hell; it’s not going to be curved like that; thats just stupid

  • Jack Linehan

    If it comes out in June I’m gonna be first in Kerry to get it