LifeCharge iPhone 5S Case Sports 2,300 mAh Battery Pack

LifeCharge iPhone 5S Case

A new case from LifeCharge has managed to make a pretty big impact on the iPhone 5S landscape, with a new protective battery pack case packing a 2,300 mAh battery pack.

The protective case is designed for light drops and bumps; offering handset owners some safeguards against their iPhone taking an uncomely bump or two and breaking.

As noted in the article…

“This case offers an affordable solution for a quick battery boost. It does offer very basic bump protection, but in no way can absorb shock or withstand very large drops. The screen is not sealed, which would require a separate screen-protection add-on. If a screen protector is used, it requires moderate effort to push the phone into place.”

The case doesn’t offer screen protection, though, so it’s a bit of step back in terms of full case protection, and if the phone drops face forward it’s still likely to produce some cracks.

You can still grab the LifeCharge case right now with the battery pack for the iPhone 5S from participating e-tailers.