Family Guy Game Coming For iPhone

Family Guy app

A new Family Guy game is on the way courtesy of Fox Interactive and TinyCo Studios. The game doesn’t have a lot of details but we all know it’s coming.

According to iDB, the new game was let loose courtesy of a set of screenshots made available for the general public to consume.

Based on the images, it looks like a true representation of the popular Fox television show with a visually accurate representation of the show.

As noted by iDB…

“The game will feature elements of resource management, but its focus will be on character and story, with a “large meta-arc” that will play out many months after release. TinyCo is working closely with the creators of the show to ensure an authentic experience.”

You can check out one of the other images of the game below and see just how authentic it is.

Family Guy App

With the recent release and potential success of the South Park game, there just might be a real market for television-based video games with raunchy cartoon flair.

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