Apple’s iPhone Killswitch Doesn’t Stop Thieves

iPhone Thief

There’s a new report out about detailing the high crime rate involving Apple products being lifted in and around the San Francisco area. It’s a common crime that happens all over, but iPhone products are especially affluent in that area. Nevertheless, even with the Find My Phone killswitch enabled in iOS 7 smart devices, it still hasn’t curbed iPhone robberies.

According to USA Today, the iPhone and other Apple devices made up for 14 percent of all crime in New York, back in 2012, and they account for 67 percent of all robberies in the San Francisco area.

The report further notes that 87 percent of iPhone devices have the Find My Phone killswitch app activated, but it still doesn’t detour thieves from lifting Apple’s products from unsuspecting victims.

Even if a phone is “bricked” using the killswitch, according to the article…

“One OS X and iOS consultant suggested that iPhone components like the camera or the screen could fetch a decent price, while an iOS developer wondered if thieves could damage a stolen iPhone until it doesn’t turn on, then claim the lower price that gadget-recycling sites pay for broken hardware.”

The article wisely suggests to keep the Find My Phone app activated at all times, and to report the missing phone to police as soon as possible. As noted in the piece by USA Today, doing something is better than doing nothing.