Warfare Nations is Free For iPhones

Warfare Nations app

A brand new strategy war game has made it onto the digital marketplace for iOS powered devices, made in a similar vein to popular mobile titles like Metal Slug and Advanced Wars.

Volv Interactive sent out word that their new action strategy title that can be played online is currently available for free for those of you rocking an iPhone handset.

Jack He, marketing manager at VOLV Interactive commented about the game, saying…

“Warfare Nations offers players the complexity of a PC strategy game with the usability of a mobile app. It’s a game we’ve wanted to make for a long time—and we’re happy it turned out the way it did,” …“We think players will enjoy the look of Warfare Nations as well as the soundtrack inspired by epic war movies. Silver Fox or North Polar? May the best army win!”

The game has a promotional trailer about to help convince those who are still on the fence, and for a limited time a cash shop starter pack can be obtained for free, even though it’s regularly available for $1.99.

You can check out the trailer below or pay a visit to the official iTunes app store to grab a digital copy of the game for your iOS device right now.

  • Robert

    Yeah nice game. Played it so far. Recommended for all!