SlimClip Case Clips Your iPhone Onto Your Clothing Without Bands

SlimClip Case

A new case has made its way onto the market courtesy of the Wonderful Things Factory called the SlimClip Case.

The new SlimClip case from the Wonderful Things Factory has been garnering quite the attention from around the blogosphere.

Broadway World recently put up an article detailing the new case and how efficient it is at getting a very simple job done: staying fastened to your clothing.

You can easily and conveniently keep the SlimClip attached to your iPhone that, in turn, can stay attached to your clothing.

Keith Hall, Founder and Product Developer at Wonderful Things Factory commented about the new accessory, saying…

“iPhone cases with clips have always been notoriously bulky,” …. “SlimClip Case eliminates the bulk and secures your iPhone against your body, without the need for arm bands and fitness belts.”

The case also provides your iPhone with a small measure of protection as well. You can pick up your very own SlimClip case right now from the official Wonderful Things Factory website for only $50.