iPhone 6 Release Date is Coming Soon

iPhone 6

New information seems to point to the imminent announcement of the iPhone 6’s release date. Why? Because Foxconn just did something they only do when an iPhone is about to release.

International Business Times is reporting that Foxconn – the company usually associated with producing and manufacturing Apple’s handsets – have ramped up their production staff by a significant margin of 100,000 employees.

As noted in the article, they write that…

“According to a report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily News on Monday, the workforce increase is a boost of nearly 10 percent for Foxconn. The hiring boom shows Foxconn’s and Apple’s anticipation of the iPhone 6’s popularity”

Now some might put the news off that it’s just Foxconn ramping up production for some other product – especially given that they seem to manufacture something or another for just about every other company – however the more logical explanation is that Apple is gearing up to announce the iPhone 6 and they want to make sure that they have all the proper staff on hand to avoid any shortchanges.

We’ll keep you posted on when Apple will make the iPhone 6 release date announcement official.