Ephemerid, Rock’n Roll Adventure Launches For iPhones

Ephemerid app

A hand-cut, paper-aesthetic adventure game featuring rock and roll music in an insect-filled world with striking visual effects and a neat little story.

The game comes courtesy of SuperChop Games, where the two-man team worked tirelessly to create the unique visual style presented in Ephemerid. The game features a sort of, magical whimsy about it that’s rarely featured in mobile titles like this.

Brent Calhoun from SuperChop Games commented about the new game, saying…

“Matt and I wanted to tell a story through music. We didn’t want anything to get in the way of that emotional connection,” … “Ephemerid will have different meanings for anyone who plays it, no matter how young you feel.”

I have to admit, the music is just mind-blowingly good. You can grab a brief listen to the game in the teaser trailer below.

The art depiction and atmosphere reminds me a lot of thatgamecompany’s zen-like indie titles that infuse a strong sense of musicality with the gameplay.

You can pick up a digital copy of Ephemerid right now from the iTunes app store for only $3.99.