Foxconn Using Robots to Build iPhone 6 Units

Foxconn iPhone

Foxconn could be replacing a large number of factory workers with what they’re calling “Foxbots”. These new robots are designed to work in the manufacturing plants to replace individual employees who would work the production line.

Apple Insider is reporting that Foxconn’s CEO, Terry Guo, has mentioned that the company has 10,000 robots planned to roll out onto the production floor, all of whom will replace the human Foxconn workers.

Each device, on its own, can complete 30,000 units a year. This has led many to believe that they could theoretically produce up to 300 million iPhone handsets a year.

As noted in the article by Apple Insider…

“At a cost of $20,000 to $25,000 each, the robots could also represent a substantial savings for Foxconn, which currently employs more than 1.2 million workers at its various factories across China. Aside from overtime wages, housing and production line stoppages, the introduction of a fully automated manufacturing solution could solve the company’s ongoing workers’ rights troubles.“

Initially the robot initiative was delayed in 2011, but the company is now back on track and they plan to slowly replace their human workers over time with the robots.