iPhone 6 Production Could be Affected by Plant Explosion

Foxconn iPhone

An explosion has recently taken place at a manufacturing plant in the eastern province China, killing 75 and injuring nearly 200 people. The plant was responsible for making hubcaps for General Motors; however the incident has caused authorities to start inspecting the safety of other plants in the neighboring areas.

The Mirror is reporting that the safety inspection could slow down or halt the production of the iPhone 6, which is set to be released sometime in mid-October, if some of the reports are believed to be true. The delay from the inspection could affect the roll-out of the iPhone 6 due to potential production hold-ups at Foxconn factories.

Nevertheless, no one will really know just how much the explosion will affect the production of the iPhone 6 until the inspections get underway and are completed. It’s possible that things will continue as scheduled and that some authorities simply wanted to ensure that other manufacturing plants have their safety standards up to par.