Reversible iPhone 6 Lightning Cables Spotted

iPhone 6 Lightning Cable

If you’re interested in purchasing the iPhone 6 but you’re not too keen on the whole lightning cable business, well, there’s a potential retail solution for you: a reversible lightning cable.

It’s not entirely confirmed just yet, but Uswitch has managed to grab some images of a group of retail units for a lightning-to-USB cable that allows users to plug the lightning cable into a USB compatible device.

As mentioned in the article…

“In this context ‘reversible’ means users will be able to insert the cable into a USB port any way up. As Apple’s patent filing for the cable explains, the change is intended to minimise “user frustration” and cut back on accidental damage.”

While it’s still not official, it’s likely we can expect further information on the reversible lightning cable come September 9th.

  • WC

    All lightning cables plug into usb on one end. The difference in these is that there is no up or down side to the usb end of the cable.