iPhone 5’s EarPods Shown in Official Video

Apple has released the official video for iPhone 5’s EarPods.

The headphones, which Apple spent three years designing, has already been released as a standalone product, while it’ll also be available alongside the iPhone 5’s launch on September 21st. Apple said on the newly-designed earphones:

A breakthrough for ears everywhere, Apple EarPods look unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

Jonathan Ive, Apple’s head of industrial design, said:

The human ear is so unique. No two are alike. Making one headphone to fit everbody’s ear would be like trying to make one pair of shoes to fit everybody’s feet. I mean, it’s impossible.

We three-dimensionally scanned hundreds of ears and looked for commonality. From that, we were able to determine the common volume.

This was our starting point for developing a form to fit a broad range of ears.

The shape of the EarPod is actually defined by the geometry of your ear.

Sound is so important to the way you experience an Apple product. So we wanted to make a headphone that was absolutely the very best it could be.