Foxconn Making $2.9 Billion Dedicated Plant in Taiwan


It has been reported that Foxconn Technology Group will make a new dedicated factory plant in Taiwan, and Bloomberg says that “Foxconn Technology Group will spend NT$80 billion ($2.6 billion) over the next two years on a new factory in Taiwan to supply displays exclusively for a client.”

 Foxconn is one of the world’s top contract manufacturer and one of Apple’s go-to device assembly place, and this company is planning on spending $2.6 billion on a brand new manufacturing facility in Taiwan, this plant will produce displays exclusively for Apple.

Equipment installation will take place next month, and mass production of panels will start by the end of 2015 after an urgent request for exclusive capacity, this was said by Sophia Cheng, a public relations representative for Foxconn’s display unit Innolux Corp. and reported by Bloomberg.

Two years ago Foxconn was partnered with Sharp in the hope of gaining access to the Japanese giant’s advanced IGZO display plant, this was done to make screens for iPhones and iPads, but due to ongoing manufacturing problems and low producing led to them to stop the process.

Innolux will build an advanced sixth-generation plant at their Kaohsiung Science Park campus in Southern Taiwan, Cheng said. The funds will be spent over two years, with the company expecting to hire 2,300 people at the new plant.

Foxconn currently has dedicated factories for assembling and making Apple iPhones and iPads in China, while this would be one of the first, for components that are made will go into the devices.