Secret iPhone 5 Specs Leaked

by Zak Islam on
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It seems that Apple didn’t reveal the full list of specifications pertaining to the iPhone 5.

Due to LTE fragmentation, Apple had to create three versions of the iPhone 5 – a CDMA handset, as well as two GSM models, with one being made for US carrier AT&T. However, the AT&T model seems to support LTE on two unlisted bands (cellular and PCS) if leaked FCC documentation is anything to go by. ExtremeTech had the scoop:

Officially, Apple states that it supports LTE band class 17 (lower 700MHz without A block) and LTE band class 4 (AWS-1, 1.7GHz/2.1GHz) for Release 9 LTE. However, the FCC documents for the device state that it also supports LTE band class 2 (PCS, 1.9GHz) and LTE band class 5 (Cellular 850, 850MHz) as well. That means that this device actually supports four LTE bands, not two.

GigaOM, however, states that AT&T has been actively looking for new bands to deploy LTE:

It just submitted an enormously complex proposal to the FCC that would allow it to turn its now useless 2.3 GHz into a private LTE band. But with these new frequencies in the iPhone hint at another possibility: Ma Bell may be planning to cannibalize its 2G and 3G networks to gain more LTE capacity.

AT&T is now asking permission from the Federal Communications Commission to turn its not-defunct 2.3 GHz spectrum into LTE.

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