Reports State iPhone Thefts Are Dropping Due to Activation Lock

apple-iphone theft

Apple iPhones are always in the eyes of criminals looking to make a quick buck due to their high resale value, everyone wants to get their hands on one, but statistics show that large cities such as San Francisco or New York has had a dramatic decrease in iPhone thefts due to the Activation Lock feature.


How does Activation lock work? Well, without your Apple ID another person will not be able to use your iPhone or Ipad, all you need to do is set up the “Find My iPhone”.

Once you setup and lose your phone, if you were to report that you iPhone is missing, the phone will lock and will pretty much make the device useless, this now takes away all value from the stolen iPhone. It turns out that locked devices cannot be reactivated in anyway and they also cannot be wiped to reset the phone, so in essence you have a lightweight brick in your possession that can do…. well, nothing.
This new feature decreases the value of stolen iPhones and as a result is working as a deterent to theives. It appears that the USA is not the only place where iPhone theft has dropped, London has similar reports that the Activation Lock feature has helped decrease iPhone theft in the UK as well.
In June of 2014, research showed that iphone theft had decreased by 38 percent in San Francisco, 24 percent in London and 19 percent in New York in just six months after Apple released the Activation Lock and Kill switch feature.