Apple Suppliers Branch Lightning Cable Production To Brazil And Vietnam

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In recent news, according to an updated support pages document, hardware manufacturers responsible for supplying Apple’s official Lightning to USB cable accessory have moved production beyond China and into Brazil and Vietnam. Recently, a new change saw its way to a support webpage that helps customers distinguish genuine Lightning cable and adapter accessories from knock-offs, Apple on Friday added Brazil and Vietnam to the list of official countries of assembly.

Apple suppliers extend Lightning cable production to Brazil and Vietnam

Previously, markings on Apple’s Lightning to USB cable were “Designed by Apple in California” and “Assembled in China.” As of Friday, new text includes and reads “Assembled [sic] in Vietnam” and “Indústria Brasileira,” each appearing on the cable about seven inches from the USB connector (as seen above).

As usual, no cable or accessory manufacturers are mentioned, though major Apple supplier Foxconn is known to run facilities in both countries.

Earlier this week, Foxconn came under fire from Brazilian officials who accused the company of dragging their feet trying to bolster up production.

Reports claim Foxconn has less than 10,000 workers in five area facilities, a number far below expectations that anticipated the creation of 100,000 new jobs.

The firm sold their plans as a chance to transform Brazil’s technology sector, promising big gains from $12 billion in capital investments.