How To Pick, Change And Customize Your Apple Watch Clock Face

AW-different-customizable-faces 2

Many people like to customize their stuff, like the Apple Watch, that’s why it comes with a list of customizable features like a number of watch face options — from digital themes to analog lookalikes and much more. Many of which can be further customized with sub-features called complications.The first step is to enter the clock app, which can be reached by pressing on the Digital Crown twice or tapping the app’s icon on the home screen. From there, press firmly on the watch face to bring up the watch face gallery. Tapping on the ‘Customize‘ button brings up a series of customization screens.

Depending on the face, you can change text and graphics color, add and remove visual features or change up complications by rotating the Digital Crown.

Different options are separated into their own screen. For example, the ability to add and subtract numbers from the clock can be accessed from a first pane, while swiping right brings up color options.

Some faces support what Apple calls complications, or small sub-feature windows that display information from other apps like Calendar, World Time and Weather, among other assets.

Swiping right on a compatible customization menu brings up a screen with pre-configured windows, each capable of displaying one complication.

Pressing the crown brings you out of watch face customization mode and saves any changes.

To create a new watch face, swipe all the way to the right in the face selector menu and tap on ‘New.’ From there, you can put together and mix and match modules, graphics and more to create your very own unique style. These faces can be saved alongside Apple’s presets with quick swapping.

  • iGadgetLady

    These are pretty cool faces but I can’t wait until third party watch faces start coming out! I think some great things can be done to add even more customization!