Foxconn’s Boss Lobbied Apple To Choose TSMC Over Samsung For ‘A9’

A9 chip

In recent news, according to one of Apple’s partners, the company’s choice to award production contracts for their new “A9” chip to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. — rather than single-sourcing parts from Samsung — was the result of a planned lobbying effort from Taiwanese firms. Foxconn boss Terry Guo noted that he had pushed Apple to choose TSMC because Taiwanese companies must stick together against the “Korean Wave,” according to UDN.

While the exact fabrication arrangement for the A9 is unknown, TSMC is thought to have won as much as 30% of the orders. Splitting A9 production between TSMC and Samsung is said to have been a “last-minute decision” on Apple’s part.

As the CEO of Foxconn, Guo is said to be one of Apple’s closest allies and likely holds great sway with Apple executives. Foxconn is responsible for the manufacturing and assembly of the lion’s share of Apple products, helping Apple’s operations team manage the company’s staggering growth.