Charge Your iPhone While Driving With AmazonBasics’ Lightning Car Charger

AmazonBasic Car Charger

If you are driving for a long distance, and it seems that your iPhone’s battery is draining like crazy, you might want to consider AmazonBasics’ Lightning Car Charger, which can keep your phone powered and ready.

AmazonBasics has an MFi certified Lightning Car Charger, this allows your iPhone to stay powered, even if you are doing a lot of long driving.

The charger plugs directly into your car’s DC adapter. On the other end is a coiled cord and a Lightning plug, which is MFi certified, which should work even after future iOS software updates.

This charger is four inches in length and one inch wide, it supports 2.1A output for fast charging. The coiled cord remains retracted in normal conditions, but can be stretched out to 3.9 feet.

If you think you will need a long cord on a regular basis, it also comes with a five-foot straight cord model instead.

You can get this charger for $13.99 at Amazon.