Google Confirms Acqusition Of Timeful, iPhone-Only Scheduling App

timeful-logo 2

Google On Monday announced through their official Gmail blog that they are buying Timeful, an iPhone-exclusive productivity application designed to help you get things scheduled so you can get things done quicker and more efficient.

The application, positioned as your calendar and to-do list with intelligent assistance to make the most of your time, is available on the App Store for the time being but its functionality will be eventually folded into Google Apps, including Gmail, Calendar and more.

Timefull has a notice on its website which reads “You will start to see the unique features you’ve come to expect from Timeful – and much more – available in Google Apps.”

Timeful aims to free up users from the notifications bombardment and too much mind work involved in managing their to-dos, reminders, calendars and so forth.

By telling the app you want to exercise three times a week, or that you need to call the bank, it will make sure you get it done based on a deep understanding of both your schedule and your priorities.

Google is excited about “all the ways Timeful’s technology can be applied across products like Inbox, Calendar and beyond.”

While you can continue to download and use Timeful for iPhone, the team’s attention will be on new projects at Google moving forward.

This probably means Google will only provide service updates and stop developing new features for Timeful, just like they’ve done with email app Sparrow.

You can get this app for free in the App Store.