SoundCloud Receives An Update For Apple Watch, And More

AW sound cloud 1

SoundCloud’s free app has added an Apple Watch component allowing you to listen to user-submitted music and audio right from your wrist, identify songs playing from your iPhone and more.

The developers noted that “The new app makes it even easier for you to hear the freshest tracks when you’re out and about, from your daily to commute to going out for a run”.

Like many other third-party Apple Watch applications, SoundCloud for Apple Watch puts only the most essential features on your wrist, leaving the rest to your iPhone or iPad.

One of the more interesting features of the Apple Watch component is the ability to identify a song playing in SoundCloud on your iPhone. Simply swipe up to bring up a SoundCloud Glance and the ‘Now Playing’ screen will show you a track’s title, artist and artwork.

The Apple Watch app lets you swipe left and right to go back and forwards through your SoundCloud content, tap to start or stop a track and force-tap to add a track to your Collection.

Both SoundCloud for iPhone and iPad now lack the previously available audio recording feature, meaning you can no longer upload your sounds and music to the service via iOS, although that feature is still available in the web interface.

SoundCloud for iOS app lets you create playlists, consolidate your likes and playlists in one location, access a user’s profile from a track or playlist by clicking on their name, discover and hear fresh new music and sounds, share your favorite audio with friends and followers, log in to build your Collection and more.

You can get this app for free in the App Store.