Scanbot Refreshes iPad UI, Adds iCloud Photo Library Support And More

Scanbot 2

Scanbot, a document scanner and QR reader for the iPhone and iPad, gained an update. The refreshed app adds several new features while overhauling the user interface on iPads, which now supports any orientation as well as collapsible document list.

All users now get to enjoy direct uploading to Evernote with PDF, Images or Text option available through a reworked sharing interface, the ability to delete documents after upload and apply quick per-scan settings with a touch of their finger. Quick settings can be customized to include commonly used options like the auto-snap feature, optical character recognition (OCR), QR code detection, Camera Light and more.

In addition, there are now four different quality/size compression settings for PDFs. The app can now send your scans directly to Microsoft’s One Note software and export your scans to, or load images from, iCloud Photo Library.

As for other enhancements, those who have unlocked all Scanbot features via a one-time $4.99 In-App Purchase upgrade will enjoy smart naming tokens for date and time and clipboard tag extraction, app protection with Touch ID, more accurate OCR and the ability to upload files via the secure FTP protocol (SFTP), the latter a major feature request from users who use Scanbot for work.

Scanbot 3.8 changelog:

For all users

  • Option to delete documents after upload.
  • New sharing UI with PDF, Images or Text option.
  • Quick Setting per Scan (OCR on/off, Auto-Snap).
  • Image uploading to Evernote.
  • New layout for iPad, supporting all orientations, collapsible document list.
  • Fixed problem with importing PDFs from
  • Improved scan quality settings.
  • Uploads are now working better with bad internet connections.

For Pro users

  • SmartNaming: new UI & date tokens.
  • Optimized OCR.
  • Change/remove passcode now possible with TouchID.

You can get this app for free in the App Store.